Episode 3: The Hustle is Real – Myles Johnson

Myles JohnsonToday’s Guest: Myles Johson (clothing designer, entrepreneur, hard worker, Tap In creator, and future mayor of Lansing, Michigan.

Join us on an adventure as we interview Myles Johnson, an entrepreneur of many ideas and the owner of Styles by Myles

Myles is a driven leader, a connector of many. Born and raised in the capital city of Michigan. He is the owner of Styles By Myles, a luxury clothing brand, all while attending Bowling Green State University striving for a degree in Advertising. As he is finishing up his college career, he has become a proud member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. leading social media and starting a new company called, Tap In Network that connects people through virtual, live, and social events.

What you might know about Myles Johnson

Myles tells us an amazing story about his first customer – he literally ran to his house with a bag of tie clips and ended the night at the Opera with the Mayor of Lansing. It’s a great story – tune it to hear it!

Advice from Myles:

“Work hard but play harder. Do not lose yourself in the sauce.”

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