Episode 4 – Kids Don’t Come with a Manual – Jamie Lightner

Jamie LightnerToday’s Guest: Jamie Lightner (Life Coach, Business Owner, Author, Mom, Wife, and Comedian)

Join us on an adventure as we get to know the amazing Jaime. She has authored a parenting book and is working on her second. She brings enlightenment and humor to her brand of parenting which seems to really resonate with today’s working parents.

Jaime is also a professional speaker and podcast guest!

Learn more about her here on her website.

Her first book, Two Sisters’ Misguided Manual to Motherhood is wildly popular. Lucky for us parents who don’t have a manual, Jamie is working on a second book.

She’d love to have lunch with Wayne Dyer. Find out why!

She also listens and watches  Abraham Hicks on YouTube

Connect with Jamie here:


email: jamielightner@yahoo.com

Phone: (517) 242-0224

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