Episode 70 – Tackle Your To Do – Julie Trombley

Julie TrombleyToday’s Guest: Julie Trombley, CRM Expert and owner of Tackle Your To Do. 

Julie helps female coaches maximize their time and money with the CRM Ontraport.

She works with coaches who are overwhelmed with their repetitive processes, potentially losing sales, and missing valuable follow-up opportunities with their clients. 

She is an expert at giving coaches more time back in their day, allowing them to serve more clients and focus on growing their business. 

Tech is her zone of genius, so it doesn’t have to be yours. 

Tune in as Julie takes us to her world of technology and learn how it can help you!

Julie Trombley

What is Julie reading?

Anything from Jen Sincero and Brené Brown

Julie’s Advice:

Stop feeling like you have to do everything. Hire the people who can help you do the things that don’t suit you. 

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