Episode 73 – Tambwoy- Shayna Allen

Shayna Allen

Today’s Guest: Shayna Allen, Owner, and founder of TämBwoy, Sports Massage Therapist

Shayna has been participating in sports since she was able to walk. Her involvement in sports led to the development of some life skills that enabled her to approach some of those issues in a different way than most people. 

Shayna was motivated to start a company that enables more young women to participate in sports because doing so not only increases their confidence but also their ability to handle challenging situations.

TämBwoy is on a mission to encourage more girls to participate in sports! Showing them that the valuable life lessons they learn from them can help them achieve any dream they have.

Shayna is also currently working on expanding her business and doing sports massage therapy. 

Listen as Shayna takes us on her journey from an athlete to a business owner who supports young women who love sports and grows her practice of sports massage therapy.

What is Shayna reading?

Any biographies or autobiographies

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