2SE18 – The Naughty Mystic Podcast

Naughty Mystic PodcastToday’s Guest, is Jenni Benson, intuitive empath Massage Therapist, Juice Plus and Tower Garden Rep, Glass Artist, and Podcast Host of The Naughty Mystic. Jenni is joining us again to talk about her current season of the podcast and the taboo topics she covers.

You can listen to her first episode with us here: Episode 51 – The Naughty Mystic – Jenny Benson

Jenni has created a space for people to learn about topics others may deem unspeakable or considered Tabo Topics,  yet there is information people need to know for their health or just for curiosity’s sake.

The goal of this podcast is to expand others’ thinking.

You can catch her Podcast on Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Stitcher

Listen to Jenni’s infectious laugh as she shares her journey and why she is on it!

Naughty Mystic PodcastHow to Contact the Naughty Mystic Podcast

Email: thenaughtymystic@gmail.com



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