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Lisa Fisher
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Lisa’s greatest passion is helping successful yet overworked entrepreneurs gain clarity and focus in their lives, her favorite approach is using the tools and strategies from the revolutionary book, The ONE Thing. Lisa was hand selected to be among the first of 20 individuals worldwide to be internationally certified as a ONE Thing Trainer. Lisa has over thirty years of leadership and people development experience, she continues to serve individuals, business, and corporations of all sizes by helping them to find their focus, manage their time, maximize profitability, and achieve more by doing less.

Early on in life, Lisa had a goal to become a business consultant. She wanted to help organizations thrive yet, she allowed life to get in her way.  Lisa spent so much time working in the here and now, putting out fires, and raising a family, that she lost sight of her vision. Sound familiar?

In 2014 she discovered the best selling book The ONE Thing.  The surprisingly simple truths around extraordinary results. Lisa participated in a 12 week webinar that helped her gain focus, create a purpose statement, prioritize, create success habits, create a business plan, get accountability and identify her lead domino, that ONE Thing.

The 20% that will yield 80% of results.  

Lisa was able to step away from her current role as CFO of someone else’s company and open her own Business Training and Consulting Company.  Her vision is to create positive change in the world through coaching and training others to achieve their definition of success. Watching people have professional breakthroughs that impact their personal lives as well as their business lives has been extremely rewarding for Lisa.

People begin to enjoy what their are doing because they are clear on why they are doing it.  So amazing!!

Life tells us, “You can have it all”. Lisa can help show you how to build your plan.

Client Testimonials

For the short time I had her as a coach, she helped me with various tasks in e-Edge. What I really appreciate is how she helped to develop a system of letters to stay in touch with expired listings and FSBO’s. Near the end of our coaching relationship, she was applying The ONE Thing concept to what I was working on; each week I had one thing to focus on and accomplish before the next session. Theoretically that would mean I would develop or improve on 52 “things” during a year of her coaching.
Doug S.

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