Clients & Testimonials

The following is a partial client list:

Client Testimonials

I was fortunate to attend a seminar today by Coach Lisa Fisher, Speaker and Trainer and the takeaway was Incredible!!
Training Attendee

Lisa has brought to our team a new way of doing business, she has shown us that if we take
ownership and put forth the effort, we have much more control over our day-to-day duties.
Teaching us to have clear expectations and to follow up has made it so much easier to transfer
our knowledge. Thank you, Lisa, for all your help.

Mitch Schuch, Production Manager at Fiber Char

Lisa has been an invaluable partner in our practice for the past 5 years, empowering our partners to expand their wealth management practices and facilitating a successful company merger last year. Her exceptional ability to connect with individuals and provide strategic guidance makes her an outstanding business coach. We highly recommend her for transformative coaching experiences.

Lisa Guditis Practice Manager at Richards and Cady

Lisa is an invaluable asset to our team, providing insightful training sessions that have reinvigorated our company’s leadership development efforts. Her understanding of our team and effective communication have led to noticeable improvements in employee engagement and focus.

Jessica Slominski, Financial Manager at Timm Construction

Our decision to partner with Lisa Fisher has been the most impactful investment for our organization in the past 5 years. Through her personalized coaching and training, Lisa has transformed our communication and leadership, resulting in positive movement throughout our organization.

Shannah Zoller Operations Manager / Quality Manager

Lisa Fisher has been a blessing to our company. We knew as a growing organization that we needed to help our supervisors and lead employees manage their areas and handle the influx of new employees so we decided to invest in supervisor training and we could not be more pleased. Lisa was able to connect with everyone instantly and hold everyone’s attention throughout all her training.

Jessica SlominskiFinancial ManagerTimm Construction Company, LLC

I have known Coach Lisa for a few years now. She is one of the most compassionate, understanding and knowledgeable people I know. I cannot speak highly enough for her and for her insights and knowledge when it comes to business and creativity. I am more than happy to recommend her to anyone seeking a mentor or a coach.

Daniel ShinaverIndependent Business OwnerDS Employment Services LLC

Lisa has been an amazing connection for me and she has a wonderful relationship with the business professionals in our community. I highly recommend talking with Lisa to take your skills and networking to the next level.

Kristi TaborAccount ExecutiveWYSM FOX 47

Lisa is a true superwoman who knows business and lifts up her clients and their businesses. Lisa has been my business coach for several years and keeps me on track with goals and accountability. Being a business owner can be lonely, but not when you have a coach like Lisa to turn to. Every business owner should have a coach like Lisa – don’t try to do this alone. Sign up for a free consultation with Lisa to see if yu are a good fit. It will be worth your time!

Amy ZanderOwnerZeedia Media

I just want to say ‘Thank you!’ for a wonderful Athena class. Honest to goodness, that was the best zoom call I have been on in a year. I loved the interaction, the printouts, breakout room, you really did a fantastic presentation! I took away so much and wrote down so many notes. I truly appreciated all the information you gave.

Casey Jacobson

Lisa is phenomenal to work with. I’ve had the opportunity to work with her in several different capacities and her passion and dedication to leadership always shines through. She has an undeniable energy that brings the best out of people.

Chelsie FallSHRM-CP People and Performance Strategist

Every Lisa Fisher training I have attended has inspired positive change, personally and professionally. While working with many trainers and speakers I have recognized that when a group is led by a trainer with authentic passion, true, lasting change can occur.

Connie SweetCEOConnection Group

When Lisa Fisher presents, you cannot help but walk away with an armful of Ah-Hahs and a quiver full of brilliant tactics for conquering key facets of your business and personal life. Her talks pull you in and engage you and the content she delivers is world-class, so you’d better listen up and take notes; You’ll end up speaking the wisdom you’ve gleaned from her into your employees, friends, children, and grandchildren.

Matthew SchoenherrMichigan State Housing Development Authority

I was fortunate to attend a seminar today by Coach Lisa Fisher, Speaker and Trainer and the takeaway was Incredible!!

Training Attendee

She’s crazy talented! She has this ability to make you visualize your purpose and how you want to communicate that with the world.

Training Attendee

#1 Mind blowing discovery: Multitasking is a LIE! Something I thought I was great at. Something we ALL put on our resumes. And from the words of Steve Uzell, “Multitasking is merely the opportunity to screw up more than one thing at a time.” (Confused? Read the book or visit her site to see why.)


Thanks again for coming to Mt. Pleasant to speak to the Michigan Realtors Leadership Academy! Your presentation was valuable and many participants approached me later to tell me that you were “awesome”. I would love to have you out to present again.


Lisa was wonderful. I will attend every training she puts on. She makes me feel motivated and encouraged and that is part of my purpose statement, to motivate and encourage. Thank you for the inspiration to keep pushing to my goals.


That was an awesome event.  I learned interesting stuff and I plan to make my to do list over… to a Success List! Gotta get to work.
Thank you for providing an excellent program.


Lisa is a fantastic coach and a pleasure to work with. She is a master at listening and focusing in on what’s truly important to you and for your business.

Melanie McNamaraLife Coach

Lisa Fisher Credentials:

  • Approved vendor for LCC
  • Certified DDI Facilitator
  • Ambassador for Lansing Chamber of Commerce
  • Leadership Council with SBAM
  • Presented to Audience of 1000+
  • Business Owner
  • Investor in local real Estate Company