Business Consulting: Time Management & Business Strategy

Often, business owners and executives reach a point in their career where they really want to take it to the next level. Sometimes this path is crystal clear and sometimes it is difficult to know where to focus our energy. A business consultant is one way to ensure you will reach your goals. This is much more than an accountability partner–think of your business coach as someone who is a guide, a guru, a taskmaster, and your biggest champion.

Individual or Group Coaching Services

If you are looking for a business coach and consultant you are in good hands. Lisa has years of experience managing, training, and coaching many types of business owners, C-level executives, start-ups and family owned businesses. You will enjoy her one-on-one attention and motivational style. Call Lisa and take your career to the next level.

Packages Available

• Business Strategy Assessments
•  Weekly one on one for 30 minutes
•  Twice a month one on one for 30 minutes
• Group Coaching: Determined based on the needs of the client after discussion

Special Offers:

Individual Coaching
  • 1- 45 Minute discovery session and 4- 30 minute one on one coaching 
Group Coaching
  • Monthly coaching sessions in groups with 4-6 participants


Goal Setting
  • Create your 10 year plan, 5 year plan
  • Build you One Page business plan for the current year
  • Implement time blocks to manage your time and achieve your goals
Create your Value Proposition
  • Define your Mission, Vision, Values, Beliefs and Perspectives (The Why behind what you do)

Client Testimonials

Thanks again for coming to Mt. Pleasant to speak to the Michigan Realtors Leadership Academy! Your presentation was valuable and many participants approached me later to tell me that you were “awesome”. I would love to have you out to present again.